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Federiplay is the first app for backing tracks for classical musicians in Italy. Our tracks are played by professional pianists and respect articulations, dynamics and accents of the scores, and they also offer the possibility to change the tempo while maintaining audio quality. Are you looking for a customization? Just send us a recording of your performance and we’ll take care of the rest.


Scores in real time

Choose between just displaying the single instrument part or the whole score and follow the sheet music on any device in real time.


Your instrument

Discover the entire catalog of the app and choose the backing tracks for your instrument.


Is making music your calling? We're backing you up!

Our tracks respect articulations, dynamics and agogic accents of each and every score.


Check the tempo

Work on the hardest passages: our tracks follow your tempo and your tempo only.


Piano and orchestral backing tracks

Discover the piano and orchestra of Federiplay—you got it right, we have both!


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